For over 30 years, chef Nandini has been practicing a healthy lifestyle that includes Ayurvedic and vegetarian cooking. She studied Ayurvedic cooking techniques India in the late 90’s and the art of higher conscious cooking as a meditation and the importance of creating a spiritual atmosphere while preparing food with love and devotion (Bhakti yoga). Over the years, she developed recipes and a style of Ayurvedic cooking with an International flare, with emphasis on organic and 100% vegan healthy recipes. She also launched two successful vegetarian restaurants: Kalachandji’s in Dallas, Texas and Veggie Garden Café in San Juan Puerto Rico, both still the rave! 
Govinda's is Denver's original and oldest vegetarian buffet since 1989. Now, as Govinda's Garden Cafe we are dedicated to serving fresh, natural and organic vegetarian 100% plant based vegan absolutely delicious comfort food that delights every palate, promotes health and nourishes the body, mind and spirit. We use the freshest ingredients available as an offering of love (the most important ingredient!).
All our house made salad dressings, breads and pastries are made with organic and vegan ingredients. We feel that our vegetarian and vegan all plant based menu minimizes our carbon footprint. We recycle and compost everything and use biodegradable and recyclable take out containers. We do not use any meat , fish ,eggs, dairy, garlic or onions in our menus.

About US

     We proudly donate our food powered by mantra to Food Not Bombs 

      Distributed every Tuesday at Civic Park to the homeless & needy .

                                 Click Logo image to find out more about Food Not Bombs

International Cuisine with a touch of india

  • Vegetable Croquettes
  • Organic Spinach Sak 
  • Veggie Curries
  • Veggie Samosas
  • Fresh Veggie Pakoras
  • Fresh Veggie Medleys
  • Basmati Rice Dishes

  • Organic Quinoa

  • Exotic Dal Soups